Meet Our Staff

Dianne Grote Adams, MS, CIH, CSP, CPEA, FAIHA

She identified a need in the market 27 years ago for safety and industrial hygiene consulting and look where Safex is now!

  • Her hidden talent is cooking and sharing meals.
  • First job was babysitting at 11 and at 15 she worked after school at Otterbein’s cafeteria.
  • Her favorite part of her job is watching the team get excited about their work.

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Beth Angus, MPH, CIH
Industrial Hygienist

Nobody does quicker or more accurate mental math than her.

  • She loves the ocean and enjoys scuba diving.
  • The most unusual item on her desk is a ball of cast steel from a client site.
  • Order's up. Her first job was making sandwiches at a deli.

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Megan Barnes, GSP
Industrial Hygienist

Her right and left brain are running. Just take a look at her beautifully decorated desk.

  • Anywhere involving mountains, a beach, or the sunset is her favorite place to visit.
  • She's the proud owner of Buffy, a calico kitten.
  • She cheers for the Indiana Pacers.

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Mackenzie Barnwell, GSP
Industrial Hygienist

She's really close to earning her master's in industrial hygiene.

  • She thinks this is the year for the Cleveland Browns.
  • Her guilty pleasure is seeing how many donuts she can eat on office day. "Records are meant to be broken."
  • She collects Papyrus greeting cards from special occasions. 

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Brian Basbagill, CSP
Project Manager

He's known for his creativity when it comes to keeping people engaged with safety training.

  • Being a shy child and learning to watch and listen to people prepared him for his role at Safex.
  • Has no guilty pleasures because he's never guilty. 
  • His first car was an Astro van and he's still a van enthusiast today.

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Nate Burgei, CIH, CSP
Industrial Hygienist

Don't let the fact that he's a former OSHA inspector scare you.

  • Collects and grows live coral fragments at home.
  • No matter how the football season is going, you'll find him cheering for the Cleveland Browns. 
  • Loves to eat at The Pearl in downtown Columbus.

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Blair Everett, MBA, CHMM, CSP
Project Manager

Emails don’t stick around in her inbox long because she thrives on getting things done.

  • The Virgin River Narrows at Zion National Park is her favorite spot in nature.
  • Keeps a grip trainer at her desk to improve her rock climbing skills. And might be using it during conference calls. 
  • Loves helping clients realize that following EPA and OSHA regulations is possible.

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Ashley Griesenbrock, CSP
Industrial Hygienist

She’s always willing to help. That’s why she’s in charge of new employee orientation.

  • She competes every year in a gingerbread house contest. 
  • Her first job was picking apples at an orchard in Athens, Ohio. 
  • Is the mom to a baby girl and furbabies Pawdrick and Gandalf.

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Nick Grisso, MS, GSP
Industrial Hygienist

He holds the record for longest standing intern.

  • His hero is Rachel Carson, a conservationist who wrote Silent Spring.
  • Playing the French horn is his hidden talent.
  • His proudest moment is having his undergraduate thesis published in a peer-reviewed journal.

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Emily Milford, CSP
Health and Safety Specialist

She has the most organized desk in the office.

  • Passing the CSP exam is her proudest accomplishment.
  • Collects pressed pennies and magnets from the states she visits.
  • Loves her job because there's variety in each day and appreciates the company culture.

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Ralph Oliveti, CSP
Project Manager

When he's not keeping people safe at work, he's riding or running.

  • Holds the title for longest tenure at Safex (25 years and counting).
  • Supports several local cancer related charities.
  • Has traveled as far as Africa, Asia and Europe to train people on safety.

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Shane Parson, GSP
Safety Specialist

He's eager, knowledgeable and personable.

  • After constantly getting gravel and dirt in his eyes at his first job doing park maintenance, he came to appreciate PPE. 
  • Collects bobbleheads of famous athletes. 
  • His favorite meal is prime rib at the Iron Bridge Inn in Mercer, Pa., where his uncle is the general manager. 

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Kim Shapiro, ASP
EHS Specialist

She was recently recognized as a rising star by her alma mater. 

  • Spent her youth cruising in a light blue '94 Accord.
  • She's a Columbus native but cheers on Da Bears. 
  • Loves learning and being challenged by new projects at Safex. 

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Travis Spagnolo, CSP
Safety Specialist

If you want someone who knows safety and sports (especially Pittsburgh), Travis is your guy.

  • His proudest accomplishment is finishing 6 half marathons.
  • Has an impressive collection of shot glasses.
  • His guilty pleasures are pizza and wings which even out all the running he does.

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Heather Tibbitts
Project Manager

She talks fast because she has a lot of safety and industrial hygiene knowledge to impart.

  • The most unusual thing on her desk is a brick from the office wall that came down when a car crashed into Safex several years ago.
  • Enjoys eating seafood and loves it even more if she's enjoying it during a beach vacation.
  • Has been enjoying the variety of consulting for more than 18 years at Safex.

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Jack Webster
Safety Specialist

He's the giver of knowledge and donuts. 

  • This is Jack's retirement job and he's always genuinely happy to be here.
  • Driving an Indy car is something he'd like to do one day.
  • He's a Westerville native who can tell you stories about the city.

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Mikhail Yakhnitskiy, ASP
EHS Specialist

He can tell you everything you want to know about sustainability. 

  • A shark in a bottle is the most unusual thing on his desk.
  • He enjoys hiking, traveling and playing volleyball.
  • He learned everything you’re not supposed to do through his years of child labor in the construction industry.

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Michele Blaney
Business Development Manager

She's all about meeting new people and making connections.

  • Her favorite place in nature is anywhere around water. 
  • Outside of work, you'll find her cheering on her boys at the baseball diamond or hockey rink.
  • Her first car was an orange Pinto.
Megan Scherer
Marketing Communications

If you want to know who created this web page, it's her.

  • She's one of just a few extroverts in the office.
  • She relaxes by doing yoga. 
  • Loves the balance and creativity Safex provides.
Betsy Fradette
Financial Manager

She's got her mind on the money and money on her mind.

  • Grand Prismatic in Yellowstone is her favorite place in nature.
  • She collects useless knowledge.
  • Her first job was at a photo lab.
Lora Dunfee
Office Manager

You'll feel at home at Safex because of her.

  • Say hello to the pet frogs on her desk.
  • Watching ghost adventures is her guilty pleasure.
  • Working at Safex is her dream job. She was at her last job 30 years and never thought she'd find something this enjoyable again.
Chris Adams

We have several internal IT applications thanks to him.

  • Running games via DOS as a child prepared him for this job because it was way more difficult than anything he programs now.
  • His dream job is to be a writer. 
  • He collects books and Funko Pops.
Rob Adams

His hidden talent is respirator fit testing.

  • He's played Australian Rules Football around the U.S. and even in Ireland. 
  • You'll find him in the Safex gym early in the morning.
  • He's the proud uncle to two nephews.