Hazardous Waste Management (RCRA)


If your company generates, stores, treats, or disposes of hazardous waste, such as corrosives (cleaning chemicals), flammables (paints), and toxics (lab chemicals), you need this course.

You can attend in person or virtually. Please let us know your preference in the notes when you register.

Our RCRA training will make you aware of the new and changed requirements AND serve as your annual training requirement.

  • Large Quantity Generators must train employees within 6 months of handling hazardous waste and provide refresher training annually. Small quantity generators must make their employees familiar with hazardous waste regulations.

Learning Objectives: At the completion of the training, participants are expected to be able to:

  • Classify wastes as hazardous, universal or non-hazardous
  • Describe accumulation time and quantity requirements
  • Plan for and handle a hazardous waste emergency
  • Identify proper hazardous waste storage procedures
  • Explain the contents of a contingency plan
  • List means to reduce hazardous waste generation
  • Properly complete a U.S. EPA Hazardous Waste Manifest
  • Track and document generator status
  • Effectively manage universal wastes, solid wastes, and used oil
  • Understand recent regulatory changes and how to apply them

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