OSHA estimates that nearly 75% of the construction safety industry works on scaffolds. Chances are that your company is included. OSHA has reported that only 25% of employees working on scaffolds have ever been trained. Scaffolds are one of the top ten most frequently cited OSHA standards every year and one of the most dangerous things to work on.

Don’t let your workers become a statistic. Give them the knowledge they need to safely perform work on scaffold and prevent injury.

This May we’ll be holding our Scaffold Safety training twice a day on Thursday. Join us when it’s convenient and we’ll teach you how to:

  • Identify safe ground conditions and foundations for scaffold erection
  • Recognize unsafe scaffold conditions
  • Identify damaged structural components
  • Calculate load ratings of scaffolds
  • Determine through inspections whether a scaffold is safe for use
  • Recognize fall hazards when working on scaffolds
  • Understand access requirements for scaffolds

Who should attend? This class is designed for those who perform work on scaffolds including, stucco and dry wall workers, masons, painters and general contractors. Supervisors, foremen and crew are all welcome.

Contact us for scaffold training opportunities.