Concerns About Your Indoor Air Quality?

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Indoor Air Quality – If you’re like most of us, you have concerns about the quality of the indoor air you’re breathing in every day. Nasty contaminants may originate from a variety of sources inside or outside of a building. Airborne chemicals, bacteria, fungi, pollen and dust may all contribute to the problem. Other sources of contaminants may include smoke, dust, poor maintenance of HVAC systems, cleaning supplies, pesticides, and building materials and furnishings. While any of these may be present in every building, problems may arise when the numbers become excessive.

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We’ve seen everything! We’ve conducted more than 900 indoor environmental quality evaluations for commercial and residential buildings. This includes:

  • Visual inspection of affected areas
  • Interview with building occupants
  • Determination of airflow, temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentrations
  • Review of the ventilation system
  • Perform a general volatile organic compound (VOC) screen
  • LEED IAQ Certification Air Testing – Formaldehyde, VOC, carbon dioxide, PM 10 and 4-phenyl cyclohexene