Drug-Free Workplace (DFWP) Education & Training

Experience tells us that:

  • Employees are more likely to follow the rules if they really understand them.
  • Supervisors are more willing to take action if they know what to do.
  • There is a real advantage to having proof of training, should a problem occur.
  • Many companies don’t have the resources or time to create and implement truly effective programs.

Our comprehensive options for supervisor training and employee education make the process easier with “best-in-class” Training of Trainer webinars, drug-free workplace training at your location, classroom workshops, live interactive webinars and self-directed web-based courses. Whether we travel to your location, teach you to do it yourself, or meet your employees and supervisors in a webinar, you’re sure to be engaged and find our systems to be truly hassle-free.

Additionally, Safex is an approved provider of the Ohio BWC Drug-Free Safety Program and our trainers meet the qualified substance professional credentials (Ohio Certified Prevention Consultants (OCPC), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), and over 20 years of delivering drug-free workplace).

Read about the Drug-Free Safety Program and the 2023-2024 changes at our DFSP Help Zone.

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Learn more about our training options

  • Customizable, Company-Specific Training Designed with you and your company in mind, we can come to your location or set up a private webinar for these 1–4-hour sessions – whatever time or day you need us. Our trainers have extensive experience providing technical, engaging, and relevant education and training to your employees and supervisors across the country. Topics include alcohol, confrontation, marijuana, de-escalation, prescription medication, enabling, healthy coping strategies, low-risk drinking, and dozens more! Our employee education sessions are also available in Spanish.
  • Training of Trainers  Sometimes the best way to get something done is to do it yourself. Our TOT interactive webinars – for employee education and supervisor training – enable your organization to do just that. We’ll give you all the materials you need to present the information in an engaging and complete way, including PowerPoint slides, facilitator notes, handouts, audio scenarios [Supervisor], and video [Employee]. No matter what your skill level, the TOT courses and materials are designed to help you feel comfortable when it is time for you to deliver your organization’s drug-free workplace training and education sessions.
  • Classroom Supervisor This classroom session is designed to arm supervisors with the knowledge, tools, and motivation they need to help administer their company’s program. During the 2-hour session participants will learn what-if scenarios, about their role and responsibilities, the importance of documentation, and they’ll get to interact with other supervisors. This is a great course for new supervisors and those who are unable to attend a drug-free workplace session at their own workplace.
  • Live Interactive Webinars Get the classroom experience without ever leaving your desk. Perfect for new hires, newly promoted supervisors, and those unable to attend a drug-free workplace session at their own workplace. Webinar participants will have the opportunity to interact with the trainer and other webinar participants, work through “what-if” scenarios [supervisors] and learn relevant information that’s useful even outside of work.
  • OnDemand 24/7 Courses No need to wait for normal business hours, our DFWP OnDemand 24/7 courses offer employees and supervisors the greatest amount of flexibility when it comes to drug-free workplace education and training. These courses are designed to fit anyone’s schedule and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Courses are self-guided, interactive, and educational. Certificates of completion for all compliance courses are available for download after successfully completing the course.
  • Protocol Packages Our Reasonable Suspicion and Medication Use at Work Protocol Packages provide human resource and management teams with an instructional video, written procedures and resources to help you address common drug-free workplace program concerns and issues. Each package is topic-specific and provides immediate and actionable steps to help your organization.

Our drug-free workplace courses qualify for compliance (corporate insurance benefits, Ohio BWC Drug-Free Safety Program [DFSP] and other states’ premium reduction programs, state construction mandates, etc.) and may be eligible for Ohio BWC SafetyGRANT$ reimbursement and other grants for programming.


If your organization is participating in the Ohio BWC’s Drug-Free Safety Program (DFSP), check out our DFSP Help Zone for annual report tips and tricks, as well as program checklists with due dates, forms, and guides.