Frequently Asked Questions

Do your consultants and instructors travel outside of Columbus?

Of course! We have customers in Connecticut, Texas, Utah, New York, Illinois, etc. Whether we’ll travel to your location depends on if it makes sense for you. We’ll also advise if it is not cost-effective for us to travel to your site.

What kind of training do you offer?
Safex offers a variety of training, including compliance courses, full day and half day workshops, and webinars. We offer open enrollment training, which is held at our training center and representatives from many companies and industries come together to attend the training. We also offer private training which is customized and delivered at your site. Training topics vary from lockout/tagout, respirators, fall protection, emergency response, hazardous waste, to just about any OSHA required training. Visit our training page to learn more about the different types of training we offer or check out our calendar to see what we have coming up!
Do you offer continuing education/certification maintenance credits for your training courses?
Good question. Our training courses can count toward self-reported certification maintenance credits/points and continuing education credits. Just save your Safex certificate of attendance. Please check with your governing body for their rules for claiming continuing education hours.
Is a fit test required if my employee wears a filtering facepiece or a dust mask?
Well, that depends on the reason the employee is wearing the dust mask or filtering facepiece. If they are required to wear the mask or facepiece, then yes, the employee must have a medical clearance and be fit tested. If the employee is voluntarily wearing the respirator or dust mask, and you know that the employee is not being overexposed to hazardous air contaminants, then no fit testing or medical clearance is needed.
Do you offer mold remediation services?
No, we do not offer mold remediation services. We can conduct mold testing – evaluate the air before or after remediation services are complete – to determine if the remediation action was adequate.
How much do you charge to test for mold?
That’s a good question! It really depends on the extent of the evaluation. The cost for us to conduct mold testing starts around $1260 and can go up from there depending on the number of rooms affected, the number of samples we must take and how quickly you want the sample results returned to you. If you’d like more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (614) 890-0800 and speak with one our industrial hygienists.
Do you test for Asbestos?
No, we do not. In the state of Ohio, you must be certified by the Ohio Department of Health to conduct asbestos testing. If you go to the Ohio Department of Health website, you’ll find a list of individuals and companies that are certified to do the work.
What is Exion and what aspects of my job can Exion help me with?
Exion is Safex’s web-based product, which contains several capabilities including Audits, Job Hazard Analysis, Machine Guarding, Training Manager, PPE and Recordkeeping. These tools were designed for safety professionals to increase efficiency and consistency during your safety-related tasks. To learn more about how each of Exion’s product capabilities can help make your job easier, visit our Exion Products page. If you have more questions about Exion, give us a call at (614) 890-0800 ext. 215 and our product developer, Rob Adams, would be happy to give you more information or set up a free product demonstration.
Do you offer a discount for GreenSpot businesses?
Absolutely! As a GreenSpot business, we want reward other companies who are committed to sustainability like us. GreenSpot businesses receive a 10% discount on all open enrollment training courses. Call us for the coupon code.