“When safety is executed as well as Safex performed for Northmor Local School District, it leads to so much more than adherence to OSHA regulations. The culture of safety that Safex created manifested itself in the form of a more clean, organized and ultimately safer project site. Northmor is a highly successful project by any metric applied. The owner is receiving a facility constructed with a high degree of craftsmanship, significantly under budget, over a month early, and with an impeccable safety record. Safex is a key reason why Northmor Local School District has reasons to celebrate.”

Brian Swope, CCM, Senior Project Manager, The Quandel Group

“Knowing the OSHA code doesn’t establish a safe project; cooperation among all partners and strong communication is important to success. Where Safex personnel excel in the field is the commitment to working with contractors to recognize existing and potential safety hazards and educate them on the issues. The goal with all safety is to get people to think about their work and the associated hazards and develop strategies to minimize or eliminate employee exposure. Anyone can identify something wrong, but sticking around to work through the solution, and make it company practice, is the rewarding byproduct of choosing a safety partner like Safex.”

Mary Logan So, Director of Safety and Professional Development, George J. Igel & Co., Inc.

“Safex responded quickly to help us get the industrial hygiene sampling done quickly. Once the sampling was completed, the results were thoroughly explained.”

Mary Jakeway, Lead Engineer, Environmental and Security, Whirlpool

“Safex listens to what I need and delivers services based on my input rather than force-feeding my plant a canned solution.”

Phil Vonderwell, Business Unit Safety Engineer, Emerson Network Power, Liebert Corporation

“Another productive and stimulating training from each of the three presenters! Not a ‘weak link’ in the entire morning. I am very grateful. As always, thanks so much.”

Tamara Hallas, Ometek

“As always, great job in presenting, delivering and providing real life experiences to further enhance my training experience.”

Dave Blair, WOW! Internet-Cable-Phone

“Safex has helped Otterbein University in several ways. They have saved a tremendous amount of time in the writing of official safety documents. They have helped save money with their assistance in better waste management strategies and they also helped to improve Otterbein’s customer service with their guidance in lab safety, equating to a better lab experience for the Otterbein students.”

Tara Chinn, Campus Chemical Hygiene Officer and Senior Laboratory Supervisor, Otterbein University

“Safex has proven to be a cost effective way to do refresher training on-site. It is less expensive and more time efficient to do everyone on-site rather than send employees individually off-site for the training. The training is thorough and has been geared to our plant’s specific needs. The instructors are knowledgeable in the subject matter and bring to the class a lot of personal experiences which help make the class more meaningful. The instructors also encourage interaction and discussion on the subjects. This definitely helps to make what can be a very dry and boring subject more interesting and meaningful.”

— Confidential Client, Manufacturer, Chillicothe, Ohio

“I was pleasantly surprised by this course. It was much more fun and engaging than I was expecting. The instructors did a great job.”

— Confidential Client, Central Ohio Science and Technology Research Company