Fit Test

Fit Test



Safex offers appointments for respirator (full face, half face and N95s) fit testing twice a month.

Click on the calendar below to see our fit testing days and then select an appointment time.


OSHA requires a respirator medical clearance from a physician or other licensed health care professional to determine your ability to use a respirator prior to a fit test. This is different than a routine physical. If you don’t already have a medical clearance, we can provide you with one.

We recommend bringing your own mask if possible. However, we have select masks for fitting you may use, except N95s. You are required to provide your own N95.

Time To Event

Event Details

To best prepare for your fit test, please do not smoke or eat 30 minutes prior to your test and come clean-shaven (otherwise you will be charged a $10 fee for shaving supplies). If you’re being fit tested on an N95, you must bring it to your appointment. We recommend bringing your own full and/or half face masks for fit testing.

If you need to be fit tested on more than one type of respirator, please make an appointment for each type.

Please notify us if you are going to be late for your appointment. We will try our best to accommodate you but existing appointments will take precedence.

Additional information

Payment Info:

If you pay by credit card, it will be authorized for the amount on the checkout page and will be charged on the date of service pending any additional fees incurred during fit testing (e.g. shaving fee, respirator purchase).