Exposure and Chemical Monitoring–Beyond IH Fundamentals October 2019

Building on Industrial Hygiene fundamentals, this intermediate 3-day course is designed to provide additional training and knowledge in the aspects of industrial hygiene chemical monitoring through group exercises and discussion. Attendees work in groups of four and build on their knowledge gained in the Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene course. Each group is assigned to a department of a fictitious company. The groups review MSDS, identify similar exposure groups (SEG), conduct qualitative assessments, design quantitative sampling plans based on OSHA and NIOSH sampling methods (both direct reading and integrated sampling), calibrate equipment, prepare laboratory analysis requests, interpret monitoring results (SAE, mixture rule, extended shift OEL), identify potential control measures, and then communicate the results to both management and workers.
Safex staff teach this AIHA course at our offices in Westerville, OH. Registration is through AIHA (www.aiha.org/education/FacetoFace/Pages/Exposure-and-Chemical-Monitoring—Beyond-IH-Fundamentals.aspx).
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