Dianne Grote Adams, MS, CIH, CSP, CPEA, FAIHA

She founded Safex in 1992 while raising two sons.

  • Feeds her need to help people and learn new things by working in the HSE field.
  • Spent a “Semester at Sea” while in college and went around the world for 3 months.
  • Would be working with a nonprofit if she wasn’t running Safex.

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Taylor Andersen, MS, LAT, ATC, CEAS
HSE Consultant

She was traveling the world with her mom when Safex was founded.

  • She believes people should leave work even better than how they walked into work, not worse.
  • She plays ice hockey x3 a week sometimes 6 games in two days in the winter. 
  • If she were in a talent show she would create a rock band.

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Brian Basbagill, CSP
Senior Consultant

He was studying Safety Sciences at IUP when Safex was founded.

  • Having a direct impact on the safety of people each day keeps him engaged.
  • He'd be mowing golf courses in Myrtle Beach if he wasn’t working at Safex.
  • His not-so-hidden talent is being adaptable.

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Regina Bond
Drug-Free Workplace Consultant

In 1992 she was excited about the birth of her second son.

  • Her career brings her joy because there’s a direct impact on improving the lives of people in our community.
  • She also works as a mental health advocate and is a children’s book author.
  • Her favorite subject has always been and remains to be history.

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Jose Castanon, OHST
Safety Consultant

He is learning about what happened in 1992

  • He chose to work at Safex because he cares about people and wants them to go home safely to their families.
  • He would be a race car driver if he wasn't working at Safex.
  • If would be the singing motorcycle rider in the Safex Talent Show.

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Fabiola Cephacile
Safety Consultant
  • Bio coming soon!


Jen Evans
Safety Consultant

She was watching Ninja Turtles when Safex was founded. (Go Michelangelo!)

  • If she wasn't working at Safex, she would be operating an excavator.
  • She loves developing new skills. She's currently into woodworking and crocheting and wants to learn blacksmithing.
  • If Safex had a talent show she would attempt comedy.

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Ashley Griesenbrock, CIH, CSP
Industrial Hygiene Consultant

When Safex was founded, she was watching Barney.

  • Thrives as a consultant because she can help lots of employees stay safe.
  • Can find her baking on the weekends.
  • Hidden talents include Irish dance and dog showing.

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Jay Jackson
Safety Consultant

Won the West Virginia state poetry contest in sixth grade!

  • Enjoys working at Safex because it is important to him for employees to go home the same way or even better than they arrived to work. 
  • If he didn't work at Safex, he would probably do something in the wildlife conservation field


Abby Jordan
Industrial Hygiene and Safety Consultant

She was not yet a thought when Safex started.

  • Safex is a great fit because she’s always cared about the health and well-being of others.
  • Most likely to be found at home reading.
  • One of her hobbies is drawing.

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Katie Szumigala, MSEd, LPC
Drug-Free Workplace Consultant

She was rocking the second grade when Safex started.

  • As a Licensed Professional Counselor, she used to provide mental health and substance-use treatment

  • If she wasn't working at Safex, she would be adopting and training dogs.
  • She has moved 28 times in her lifetime - all in Ohio


Luke Midock
Industrial Hygiene and Safety Consultant

He would have been enjoying the good old days if he was alive in 1992.

  • Planned to be a civil engineer but happily fell into safety sciences.
  • Can cook Uncle Ben’s Minute Made rice in 58 seconds.
  • Can lay down an amazing tune with a baritone saxophone.

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Ryan Moon, MS, CIH, CSP
Senior Industrial Hygiene Consultant

He was a paperboy and playing outside when Safex was founded.

  • Safex’s culture and values make him excited to go to work.
  • Bigtime Star Wars fan who made his children fans too.
  • At the Safex talent show, he’d be freaking out since he doesn’t like attention.

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Stephen Plowcha
Safety Consultant

He would have been bopping to Madonna during step aerobics if he was alive when Safex was founded.

  • He’s passionate about improving people's lives and protecting the labor force.
  • His hidden talent is licking his elbow.
  • Most likely to find him eating Chipotle.

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Wyatt Ramey
Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Consultant

Safex was founded way before his time!

  • He’s passionate about protecting workers and the environment.
  • If he wasn't working at Safex he would own and operate a low-waste, sustainable grocery/refill store.
  • As for a talent show - he would be backstage coordinating, not on stage.


Jim Ryan, OCPC
Drug-Free Workplace Consultant

In ’92 he was preparing for a grand, long-awaited adventure.

  • He loves the opportunity to affect the health of organizations and individuals.
  • If he wasn’t in the DFWP field he’d possibly be working in journalism.
  • He’ll wow you by reciting the alphabet backward.

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Marissa Scott, MSOH, CIH, GSP
Industrial Hygiene Consultant

Not yet a twinkle in her mom’s eye when Safex was founded.

  • Influencing and educating to get workers home safely is her passion.
  • Caught a 152 lb swordfish last year.
  • Won’t find her cleaning but will find her (speed) reading.

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Gage Scovil
Safety Consultant

Wasn’t born when Safex got started.

  • Once was his high school’s mascot.
  • Loves telling corny jokes.
  • He’d be a sports commentator if he wasn’t working at Safex.

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Kim Shapiro, CSP, CHMM
HSE Consultant

She was moving from Illinois to Ohio when Safex was founded.

  • Making a difference is important to Kim and that’s why she’s fulfilled at Safex.
  • If she wasn’t in EHS she’d be working with animals.
  • Her hidden talent is crocheting.

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Allison Sharer, OCPC
Drug-Free Workplace Consultant

She was fixing up the first house she bought in 1992.

  • She attended a drug-free youth leadership conference in high school and has been in the field ever since.
  • She’s tone deaf, and maybe tune deaf (according to her musical friends).
  • If she wasn’t working at Safex she’d be doing something fun with dogs.

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Marcus Simon, MPH
Industrial Hygiene Consultant

Another Gen Z Rep (not born when Safex was founded)

  • He has always believed that people should be able to work in a safe and hazard-free environment - that is his goal as a consultant.
  • If he wasn't a consultant, he would be working in a lab somewhere.
  • He is great at what he does - but he can't bend his thumbs at the joint!

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Chris Stillion, OHST
Safety Consultant

He was a toddler when Safex was founded.

  • Enjoys working at Safex because he loves the challenge of doing something different on a consistent basis.
  • Is an Eagle Scout who helped implement a recycling program.
  • He's passionate about anything with a motor.

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Mike Tannehill
Safety Consultant

Can play several different instruments!

  • Enjoys working at Safex because allows him to have a direct and positive impact on the health and well-being of individuals and communities.  
  • If he didn't work at Safex, he would be a curator at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Jack Webster
Safety Consultant

When Safex was founded, he was working for the National Energy Management Institute as Director of Certifications.

  • Enjoys getting up each morning and trying to make someone’s day a little better.
  • Can find him walking and hiking in the metro parks with his wife.
  • Attended the 1954 Rose Bowl (OSU vs USC) and saw the Buckeyes win 20-14 on a Hop Cassidy pick 6.

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Michele Blaney
Business Development Manager

When Safex was founded, she was a few streets over at Otterbein University.

  • Safex is a great place to work because the team makes sure all employees make it home safely.
  • Would be selling something if she wasn’t at Safex.
  • Opera music is often playing on her earbuds.
Carly Cornell
Employee Experience Coordinator

When Safex was founded, she was having a Little Mermaid Birthday Party.

  • Safex is a great place to work because the team makes sure all employees make it home safely.
  • Would be a private investigator if she wasn’t at Safex.
  • If she was in a talent show - she would be rocking her singing skills.
Lora Dunfee
Office Manager

When Safex was founded, she was raising a one-year-old son with her husband.

  • Loves working at Safex because of the company’s commitment to employees and clients.
  • In her previous career she was a corporate graphic designer.
  • Nobody knows that she was on the high school tennis team.
Deb Mylin
Accounts Payable

Bio coming soon!

Chris Adams

When Safex was founded, he was in 3rd grade and helping his mom move the company into the first office.

  • Enjoys the flexible culture and feeling valued and heard.
  • Was an all-star in the Cincinnati Adult Baseball League
  • He’d be in the audience at the Safex talent show.
Rob Adams

He was in 1st grade when Safex was founded.

  • Loves supporting the team because Safex means family and flexibility to him.
  • Plays on a competitive Australian Rules Football team.
  • He's the proud uncle to two nephews.