OSHA Recordkeeping – Recordable or Not Recordable

by | Jan 11, 2023 | Tech Bulletins

With OSHA recordkeeping deadlines around the corner, here are some recordkeeping tips to keep you informed and compliant.

  • Recordable injuries are defined as any work-related injury that results in treatment beyond first aid.

  • Counting days away from work or restricted duty must include every calendar day, including weekends/holidays.

  • Logs need to be updated within 7 days of a new injury.

  • 300A forms need to be posted in the workplace from Feb. 1 – Apr. 30, 2023 and submitted to OSHA by March 2.

  • Injuries are to be recorded on the:

      • OSHA 300 = full log

      • 300A = summary of all injuries

      • 301 = injury and illness incident report

Here is a list of First Aid treatments:

  • Non-prescription drugs at non-prescription doses

  • Cleaning, flushing,  soaking  wounds on skin surface

    A flowchart to determine if an injury/illness is recordable.

  • Non-rigid supports

  • Drain fluid from blister

  • Tetanus immunization

  • Hot or cold therapy

  • Use of bandages, butterfly, Steri-strips

  • Massage (physical therapy and chiropractic treatment are medical treatment)

  • Remove splinter or foreign material by irrigation, tweezers or cotton swab

  • Foreign body removed from eye with irrigation or cotton swab

  • Use of finger guards

  • Use of eye patch

  • Drinking fluids for heat stress relief

If you still can’t decide or have any questions about OSHA Recordkeeping – we can help!