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Safex has the solution!

Gap Assessment

Wondering if your safety performance could be improved? Safex will conduct a Gap Assessment to compare your actual safety performance with potential or desired performance. This service includes an 8-hour gap assessment and 4 hours of program review. Then, Safex will develop a written report outlining opportunities and priorities based on the following observations:

  1. A review of the company activities to identify applicable sections of 29 CFR 1926 and/or 1910
  2. A review of existing written programs for compliance with the applicable OSHA standards
  3. A facility walk-through and observation of work practices
  4. A review of select training and inspection records

Safety Culture Survey

Is your company’s safety culture strong? An effective safety culture can result in a positive attitude toward safety and a reduction in accidents and incidents. In a strong safety culture, everyone feels responsible for safety and pursues it on a daily basis.

Safex will administer a survey to gather information from every level of the organization and can provide leading indicators of safety program quality and effectiveness. We’ll conduct interviews with select management and employee representatives to gain an understanding of their knowledge of the safety program and how the program is being implemented.

Safety Goals

Safex will utilize the Gap Assessment and Safety Culture Survey to help you establish goals to get your safety program up to speed and be compliant! 

The One Year Plan

Safex provides a professional team, including degreed safety and industrial hygiene professionals. Your needs will dictate the level of participation.

Monthly Safety Topic

Based on quarterly goals and the established safety plan, the on-site consultant will assign a monthly topic and deliver these services for that monthly topic:

  • Written program review and updates
  • Discuss the topic during a Safety Committee meeting or lead a Tool Box Talk for employees
  • General health & safety employee training (on implemented programs)
  • Create an Audit Check List
Monthly Incident Investigations

While on-site, the consultant can conduct incident investigations and review other incidents, including near misses, first aid, and OSHA recordables. We can also review your OSHA 300 log for updates and corrections.

Quarterly Meetings with Management Teams

Quarterly, Safex will meet with management to review and summarize monthly safety activities.

Additional Free Services with Commitment:

Quarterly Commitment

  • Discounted rates for Safex training courses
  • Call-In/Email Safety Support during regular business hours

Yearly Commitment

  • Discounted rates on new written program development
  • Discounted rates for Safex training courses
  • Call-In/Email Safety Support during regular business hours
  • Up to 8 hours of OSHA on-site support
  • Access to the online Exion® tools for JHAs and PPE

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