What You Need to Know About Extended Producer Responsibility Legislation

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Compliance Updates

Groups across the U.S. are pushing legislation that will impact producers of packaging materials. Learn what it could mean to your business.

What is Extended Producer Responsibility legislation?

Extended producer responsibility (EPR) laws are designed to reduce single-use packaging by passing recycling costs from taxpayers onto product packaging producers.

Who currently has EPR laws?

Maine was the first state to pass an EPR law (on July 13, 2021). California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts and New York have proposed EPR laws.

What do these laws mean to manufacturers?

Producers of single-use packaging in states with EPR laws will be required to make payments to a state Packing Stewardship Organization determined by the amount of each type of packaging material processed in the state. Current fees are estimated at up to $500 per ton of raw resin containers. Packaging materials that are easier to recycle will be charged a lesser rate.

How can Safex help?

If you are a manufacturer who makes or purchases single-use packaging, now is the time to start thinking about sustainability. Safex can help you by creating a sustainability plan which will keep you competitive and protect your bottom line.