Beth Angus, Certified Industrial Hygienist with Safex, has been awarded the prestigious 2020 John J. Bloomfield Award by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH®).

This honor is bestowed to an industrial hygienist with three to 10 years of experience who performs the majority of his or her industrial hygiene work in the field. As the recipient of the 2020 award, Beth is invited to an ACGIH Board of Directors’ meetings as a special guest for one year and will serve on a major ACGIH committee of her choice. Generally, Bloomfield award winners are recognized at a national conference but due to COVID-19, her in-person recognition will be postponed until later this year.  

Beth began her career working in medical and research labs after earning her BS in Microbiology from Virginia TechAn occupational exposure in one of the labs prompted her interest in the field of industrial hygieneShe went on to earn her MPH in Environmental and Occupational Health, with an emphasis in Industrial Hygiene, from the University of Arizona.  

I enjoy the variety of industrial hygiene work. When I’m in the field, I can see how certain tasks affect exposures. Seeing people actually doing their jobs puts the data in context and is better than just looking at numbers on paper,” Beth shares.  

In her position as an industrial hygiene consultant with Safex, in Westerville, Ohio, she performs qualitative and quantitative industrial hygiene assessments for a variety of clients across the U.S. Her specialties include developing industrial hygiene sampling plans, area and personal exposure assessments for chemical and physical hazards and ventilation system assessments. She also conducts training on hazard communication, respirator fit testing and use, emergency response and assists with instructing the American Industrial Hygiene Association’s (AIHA) Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene and Beyond Industrial Hygiene Fundamentals courses.