Safex Customers More Satisfied Than Ever!

by | Jul 11, 2022 | News, Safex News

Thank you to our clients who participated in our survey and shared feedback. This year we were again recognized for our communication skills, being knowledgeable, willingness to answer questions, excellent customer service and competitive pricing. We also reviewed your suggestions for future improvement and take that type of feedback serious. Our goal is to continually improve service year over year. If there are others things we can do to better our relationship, please let us know.

Want to see some of the feedback we received?

“All of the training that we have taken has been great. Both virtual and in-person, also they are flexible with what works best for us.”

“They do everything well across the board in the realm of EHS.”

“Safex provides expert support in a timely manner at a fair price point.”

“Quality, thorough and professional H&S services. EXCEPTIONAL “social media” content creation highlighting the work force, work environment and an overall welcoming business that is engaged locally while effective nationally.”