Goodbye paper and hello to the digital world!

On June 30, 2018, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is launching a new electronic manifest system for tracking hazardous waste called e-Manifest. The new process has been under development for several years and it was designed to modernize the cradle-to-crave waste tracking process for hazardous waste.

If you generate or receive hazardous waste, here’s what you need to know.

  1. The e-Manifest system will be effective in all states.
  2. The data elements on e-Manifest form are the same as the paper form; the only difference is completing an electronic form and signing it electronically.
  3. The e-Manifest form includes 5 copies now instead of 6.
    • Page 1 (top copy): “Designated facility to EPA’s e-Manifest system;”
    • Page 2: “Designated facility to generator;”
    • Page 3: “Designated facility copy;”
    • Page 4: “Transporter copy;” and,
    • Page 5 (bottom copy): “Generator’s initial copy.”
  4. A hybrid manifest is available for those who cannot fully complete the process electronically.
    • The hybrid manifest allows transporters to initiate an electronic manifest in e-Manifest and use this manifest with their non-participating generator customers
  5. Those who chose not to use the electronic system will be able to use paper manifests, but it will cost more (see chart below).
  6. The EPA will completely phase out paper submissions in 3 years. Fees are expected to rise for those who continue to use paper.
  7. E-Manifest fees must be paid within 30 days from the date of the electronic invoice.

Recommendations for adopting the new e-Manifest

  1. Participate in the EPA’s webinars and educational information sessions on the new system.
  2. Participate in e-Mainfest user testing.
  3. Contact Safex with any questions.

Here’s to embracing change!