“Knowing the OSHA code doesn’t establish a safe project; cooperation among all partners and strong communication is important to success. Where Safex personnel excel in the field is the commitment to working with contractors to recognize existing and potential safety hazards and educate them on the issues. The goal with all safety is to get people to think about their work and the associated hazards and develop strategies to minimize or eliminate employee exposure. Anyone can identify something wrong, but sticking around to work through the solution, and make it company practice, is the rewarding byproduct of choosing a safety partner like Safex.” — George J. Igel & Co., Inc.

At Safex, it’s our job to seek out the unseen and make sure that employees aren’t exposed to harmful pollutants. For George J. Igel & Co., Inc. (Igel), we do just that — perform all industrial hygiene services needed.

As part of its safety program and OSHA requirements, Igel is required to have periodic industrial hygiene monitoring to make sure that its employees are not being exposed to certain hazards. Igel is a construction contractor involved in site development, heavy construction and infrastructure. The company does not employ an industrial hygienist. Safex conducts industrial hygiene monitoring to keep Igel compliant and at the same time save money on employing a staff person.

When it comes to the Igel staff’s safety, Safex doesn’t just address the problems — we actively provide solutions to improve the safety of current operations.

As a result of our work, more and more of the Igel employees have a heightened safety awareness. They are thinking outside the box, bringing up problems and determining potential solutions before they ever become a hazard. Safex has helped develop a stronger safety culture among the George J. Igel & Co., Inc. employees.