DFWP Training of Trainers Employee Education Year 1 Materials


As part of the transition of drug-free workplace education and training products to Safex, Working Partners® created a new Training of Trainers employee education video and supplemental materials.

The updated materials are ONLY for those who have completed the Working Partners® Drug-Free Workplace Training of Trainers Employee Education webinar prior to January 2023 and who still have an active license with Safex.

The new employee education Year 1 materials are available for a discounted rate through May 30, 2023 ($275 + tax). Starting in June, the price will increase to its valued rate ($365 + tax).

See below for details and link to preview the video.



The new employee education video has an updated look and feel, and is easier for a trainer to incorporate the revamped additional materials. With the intention of being used for new hire orientation (following your initial roll-out), the video includes three modules with accompanying PowerPoint slides, facilitator notes, and exercises. The modules and their 3 main take-aways are listed below, along with a link to preview the video.

Module 1: Substance Misuse is Risky Business
1. Most of us maintain a low-risk relationship with alcohol and other drugs. But those who don’t can cause hardship for themselves, their friends and family, and their workplace.
2. Developing a tolerance to a substance puts the user at increased risk for developing  substance use disorder – or addiction.
3. And just because marijuana’s legal in some states and not as fatal as opioids, it doesn’t mean it’s harmless.

Module 2: Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities
1. Sound workplaces put policies and programs in place to prevent and respond to the harmful use of alcohol and other drugs, and to support employees who are in life-long recovery.
2. It’s important that the measures taken be fair, balanced and understood by employees.
3. Testing can vary from company to company, so it’s important to know WHEN you’ll be tested, WHAT you’ll be tested for, and HOW you’ll be tested.

Module 3: Minimizing Your Risk of Harm
1. There are established guidelines to help minimize your risk of experiencing problems associated with alcohol or other drug use.
2. If you or someone you care about is having a hard-time sticking to these low-risk guidelines or is already experiencing problems related to their use, it may be time to take a deeper look at that use with a professional trained in SUD.
3. Our company’s alcohol/drug policy and program is a win … win … win. It benefits the company, employees who are no or low-risk users and those who might be experiencing a problem.

40 second video preview: https://vimeo.com/799634856/a81bffdb91