When Calgon Carbon’s Chuck Hegenberger needed third party lab hood testing, he knew just who to call. “I’ve come to know Safex over the years through their safety training and participation in the Capital Area Safety Council and Ohio Safety Congress,” he shares.

Calgon Carbon provides cutting-edge carbon technology used in everything from purifying air and water—from food to pharmaceuticals. They consider their workforce to be their number one priority, and their safety standards in many cases exceed OSHA regulations.

Since 2015, Safex has been performing laboratory hood testing for Calgon Carbon. This year when Chuck requested to have a lab tech trained to do monthly checks, Safex was on board. “I now have a qualified lab tech who makes sure that our laboratory hoods are working properly so employees are safe,” adds Chuck.

He and his team also trust Safex for their training needs. “Over time we’ve picked up knowledge on various areas from classes we’ve attended like DOT and IATA.”

We’re grateful for our relationship with Calgon Carbon and professionals like Chuck. If we can help you with laboratory hood testing, safety training or other industrial hygiene services, let’s talk!