“The Safex family makes the difference. They explain regulations and techniques so they’re easy to digest. This gives me the confidence I need to maintain our safety and environmental programs.”

Kyle Trent

Industrial Engineer and Safety Coordinator

Grote Company, a leader in food slicing and assembly equipment manufacturing, is a longtime client who first hired Safex in 2000. The partnership has grown over time and in the last two years the Safex team of consultants has collaborated with Grote Company’s safety management group to develop or revise 13 individual safety programs, one hazardous waste management policy and two environmental annual reports. Each program includes an internal policy and employee training materials. Training highlights include the management, shipping and clean up of hazardous waste and NFPA 70E electrical safety.

One secret ingredient in the company’s cultural transformation is the ongoing safety and environmental management coaching provided by Safex. Grote Company is now fostering a culture of safety and environmental consciousness where “employees don’t just abide by the policy requirements but ask engaging questions and bring up suggestions on how to improve their workplace.”

Safex is proud is collaborate with a leading Central Ohio business like Grote Company. Protecting the environment and keeping employees safe and on the job is what drives us. If your safety or environmental program needs a refresh, we’d love to help.