The name Nick Grisso may ring a bell if you’ve been a Safex friend or client for a while. We’re pleased to announce that he’s now a full-time industrial hygienist on our team. But you may know him because he holds the record of being Safex’s longest serving intern. Nick first came to Safex in 2015 as an Otterbein University intern and completed three summer internships and interned part time during the school year.

Nick’s love of industrial hygiene was sparked at Safex. After receiving a B.S. in environmental science and a B.A. in sustainability from Otterbein, he began industrial hygiene graduate studies at the University of Cincinnati.

During his time at UC, he interned at a firm that specializes in industrial hygiene risk assessments to support employment litigation. It was during this internship that he was able to collect data for his thesis on using hand-held moisture meters to detect microbial growth in building materials. Nick’s thesis is complete and he’s looking forward to its publication soon. In May of 2019, Nick earned a Master of Science in Environmental and Industrial Hygiene.

Even though he’s originally from Cleveland, Nick is happy to call Safex home. “Starting a career in industrial hygiene let’s me do what I strive to do in life—which is helping people.” His primary responsibilities include industrial hygiene sampling, fit testing and indoor air quality assessments. If you haven’t worked with Nick yet, we think you’ll find him friendly and reliable.

Outside of work, you’ll find Nick enjoying music (he’s accomplished on the French horn), playing video games like “The Last of Us,” hiking and camping.

Nick Grisso Today
Nick Grisso as Otterbein University Intern at Safex