Need to Know OSHA Recordkeeping Tips and Deadlines

by | Jan 14, 2022 | Compliance Updates, Tech Bulletins

With OSHA recordkeeping deadlines around the corner, here are some recordkeeping tips to keep you informed and compliant.


  • Establishments with 250 or more employees are currently required to keep OSHA injury and illness records. Establishments with 20-249 employees that are classified in certain industries must electronically submit their Form 300A Summary data to OSHA.
  • Recordable injuries are defined as any work-related injury that results in treatment beyond first aid
  • Counting days away from work or restricted duty are to include every calendar day including weekends/holidays.
  • Injuries are to be recorded on the:
    • OSHA 300 = full log
    • 300A = summary of al injuries
    • 301 = injury and illness incident report
  • Logs need to be updated within 7 days of a new injury
  • 300A forms need to be submitted by March 2, 2022, if you meet the requirements for submitting
  • 300A forms need to be posted in the workplace from Feb 1 – April 30, 2022
OSHA Recordkeeping Tips

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