“We love working with Safex for our industrial hygiene needs. They are professional, dedicated and work well with our teams at all of our facilities. The information and recommendations in the reports we receive ensures that we are doing what we need to do to keep our employees safe.” — HarbisonWalker International

HarbisonWalker International (HWI) needed to assess employee exposures to respirable silica prior to the new OSHA silica standard. The company had to determine what engineering controls it needed to be compliant by the deadline. HWI reached out to Safex for its industrial hygiene service. Safex industrial hygienists performed a series of tests to determine HWI employees’ exposure to physical, chemical and biological hazards and established an ongoing plan and controls to assure the right safety and health measures were in place.

Safex proactively performs quarterly monitoring for silica, respirable dust and noise at some of the HWI plants. They also monitor welding and metal fumes, phenol, formaldehyde, carbon black, hexavalent chrome, trivalent chrome, oil mist and benzo(a)pyrene at various facilities.

Safex recommends controls to reduce any exposure. This has provided HWI with a plan of action in order to be within the OSHA guidelines. It also provides assurance to HWI that its plants and processes are properly controlled, keeping employee exposures low.

At Safex, it’s our job to seek out the unseen to make sure that our clients’ employees aren’t exposed to harmful pollutants. We’ve conducted more than 200 industrial hygiene monitoring jobs in the past year! Contact us today to see if an industrial hygiene service is right for your facility.